Who is Essai?

Farhad Anklesaria graduated from Yale in 2010, where he read sociology, and spent some of his spare time as the president of Society Electronica. Farhad has worked with UNESCO in Senegal, in New York as a consultant with ReD Associates, and with the One Laptop per Child Project at MIT. He likes writing short stories and is working on a novel. 

Nicholas Henderson graduated from Harvard in 2006, during which time he rowed for the heavyweight crew and occasionally read philosophy. After graduation, he taught at the Shrewsbury School (UK). In 2010, he wrote Pearson's "Official Guide to the SAT". In his spare time, he enjoys writing plays. 

Bethel Assefa graduated from Yale in 2016, where she studied psychology and child development. She has worked in various preschools, as well as tutored and taught music lessons for young children. With an interest in refugee mental health, she developed children's programming for Syrian refugees with the Collateral Repair Project in Jordan. She enjoys reading poetry and listening to podcasts.

Silvio Zinsstag graduated from the University of Lucerne in 2013, where he studied piano and pedagogy. From very young years his passion for music was accompanied by an equally great interest for languages and poetry. In self-study he acquired a working knowledge of several ancient languages and their poetry, such as Ancient Greek, Old English, Old Norse and Sanskrit. Now he is working on bringing these two passions - rhythm and words - together by writing poetry.