Programs for High School students applying abroad: 

Language 101: Language, words, and you
Description: There is an untapped potential in words and language that can radically change the way you see, think, and write about yourself and the world. This seminar releases that potential and is the ideal starting point for your college essay. We will look at your personal relationship with language and words and use it as the seed from which unique, powerful, and creative writing can emerge.
Duration: 15 hours
Begins June 3rd. Learn more about Language 101 

to be followed by

Language 102: Putting you in your college essay
Description: Colleges don’t want a smart essay; they want a personal essay. Knowing this difference, and forming a sense of self is essential for becoming a compelling candidate. This seminar is about creating an idea of yourself that is conveyed through a powerful essay. I recommend taking this seminar after Language 101.
Duration: 30 hours. 
Begins July 15thLearn more about Language 102

Personal Tutorship
: After completing a seminar, a personal tutorship can be organized to deepen your skills, work on your applications, and prepare you for interviews. These tutorships will be tailor-made for you to ensure that you are the best you can be in your bid for college admission.
Duration: TBD per student.

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