We make test prep an important step in your education

A full course consisting of tuition in all sections of the ACT can take between two and six months.  Our curriculum has been developed by our own team of tutors - we focus on teaching the skills necessary to succeed at the ACT, not merely on repeated testing.  We are both creative and thorough in our preparation.

To optimize individual progress, our ACT preparation classes are run in small batches. Each batch consists of no more than five students and usually meets two or three times a week. For those with special requirements or schedules, we also teach the same content in one-on-one classes.

We are registered with US-based Academy Technologies, which allows both teachers, parents, and students to keep track of individual progress. This online system makes it possible to focus on the specific needs that each student might have, whether it be in punctuation, trigonometry, vocabulary, or data interpretation. It gives us insight into how individual students think and, thus, brings us closer to each student.

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